Shallow baths – for whom?

Recently I saw some examples of shallow baths. I saw such baths for the first time, so I’m wondering who is choosing such bathtubs. I personally like hot baths with a lot of foam, and also with a use of lot of water. I can’t imagine bath in such shallow baths. The question is – who are buying them?

I checked some information in the internet and I’ve found, that shallow baths are usually designed for disabilities, who may have really a big problems with bathing. Thanks to shallow bath bathing is much easier and safer. There are also portable shallow baths, which fits into standard bath. I suppose, that such bathtub can be used if we have small children or if we live with older family members. If we additionally install some hand grips, bath will be much easier for our seniors. Moreover, thanks to shallow bath we can save some water. In a case of normal bathtub we usually use really a lot of water to fulfill it. If we had such shallow bathtub fulfilling it will me much easier. Of course we can always install shower and additional accessories, to make having bath easier for our family members. Nowadays, we have really a wide range of various bathroom elements.

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